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Eco Window Shield

Eco Window Shield

Helping reduce your Carbon Footprint and your Energy Consumption

Our Mission is to be a game changer in the energy market. We are passionate about the environment and want us to all join together and go on this journey together. We realise it is very important to bring about change and also do it in a way that benefits everyone TODAY. We aim to reduce your energy costs with practical solutions.

Green Roofs

Eco Window Shield Services

Low-E Membrane for windows

Save on your annual heating and air conditioning costs.

Increases the energy efficiency of new and old buildings.

Increases materials’ life cycle.

Improves comfort all year long.

Optimises heating and air conditioning systems without affecting natural lighting.

Prevents replacing old windows.


Blocks up to 95% of Ultraviolet rays and 67% - 95% of the infrared rays.

Lowers significantly the cost of air conditioning reducing the greenhouse effect.

Reduces considerably the solar heat gain inside the building.

Reduces the fading of materials, furniture and fabrics.


Optimises the energy coefficient of existing windows.

Lowers the cost of heat during wintertime dispersing the heat on the window surface.

Eliminates the need to replace windows.

Reduces up to 50% the formation of fog on windows.

So what will you do? Well we retrofit this revolutionary product on the inside of your windows. There is no building site to contend with and this product is effective immediately.

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